Mama’s First Hurricane Preparations

Only Been Here For a Year, WHAT!?

So, as you can guess by my alligator pictures, and the fact I’m talking about a hurricane, my current residence is in Florida. I moved here with my family a year ago from the Hells of West Virginia, and it’s been the time of my life since I made the jump to this place. Sure, it’s has it’s ups and downs because ya know, it’s A LOT more expensive here, but my depression levels have been (mostly) manageable since I’ve been here. There was a lot of bad memories linked to West Virginia, on top of the continuing drug problem, but that’s another subject for another time.

The current subject is: Hurricane Dorian. Now, don’t worry, I’m not on the east coast that’s expected to get the direct hit, but all of Florida is basically under a state of emergency right now. We won’t get even close to witnessing the worst of it, but we are still expected to experiencing some of the winds and rain because the storm is just that fucking big. So, here I am, helping my family prep for what will be my first hurricane.

We got lucky last year with not having any of the storms hit us, though Hurricane Michael did graze by on it’s way to the panhandle. However, that was nothing more than a bit of rain because it was smack dab in the Gulf of Mexico, and not really anywhere near us. This time, the entirety of the city is panicking and you’re lucky if you can find any bottled water ANYWHERE. I find it just as funny as my husband does, who actually grew up here and is not worried about this storm in the slightest. I’m just giddy because I’m a sucker for chaos.

Still, anxiety rules my life and there are bits of me that have me jittery for other reasons. The main concerns I’m facing is lack of electricity, which means lack of air conditioning with a baby in the house, and lack of being able to cook a lot of food. Sure, we have a grill, but grills can be a pain in the ass and can’t really cook everything. Besides, if we do lose electricity for an amount of time, then that’s a lot of meat in the freezer that’s in jeopardy.

Holy Fucking Water

We went to the store today after Little Son’s vaccinations to pick up the “just in case” foods. Some tuna, canned soups, etc etc. Shit we can eat if we have no electricity, ya know. So, the first thing we notice when we walk up to the door is a sign that says “WE HAVE WATER! Limit 2 cases per customer” and it just made me chuckle. Up north where I lived for the majority of my life, a single snowflake fell to the ground, and people would go NUTS. Except up there, they would be rushing to the store for milk, bread, and gas. Here, the big thing is water and gas.

I work for a gas station, and even my co-workers there told me the same thing my husband has: they will buy out the water so fast. Because we’re a gas station and there’s no guarantee we’ll even close unless forced to evacuate, the stores will actually have to save some cases of water in the back for ourselves just in case we get stuck and need it.

Then there’s cases like what my husband was telling me happened at his work place. Apparently once they got in a water delivery, and the vultures that are customers wouldn’t even let the guys put the water in the store. They were taking the cases from the truck and buying it directly from there! I’m telling you what, these Floridians really like their fucking water.

All Jokes Aside

Seriously, though. It’s a projected to be a pretty big storm, a major hurricane that’s going to blast the east coast of Florida. They have all of the energy I can give to them that things aren’t all disastrous, as these storms can do some serious damage. I try not to let my anxiety get the best of me and think this thing will wreck me because I know me and my family will be safe. We might lose some power, we might get a little bit of flooding, but our house will still be here after the storm.

They’ve already closed the schools for the county I live in for Tuesday as a precaution, so I don’t need to worry about my spawn being at school when this thing hits. I don’t need to worry that something could happen during the hurricane and my children won’t be with me. I don’t need to worry that my kids are going to be walking to and from school in hurricane force winds. And I know that if the storm doesn’t hit until Wednesday like my husband has seen projected, that school will be closed that day as well. I know they’re not fucking around with this hurricane and my children’s lives.

All thoughts and prayers go to the east coast of Florida, and I hope the lot of you also do the same. They’re going to need it.

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