Picture It: Creative Writing Challenge

Today, I’m going to do something a little different. Instead of writing a blog, I’m going to call on everyone to give me a challenge. This is something I’ve done on the past, on a facebook page that I have since deleted since I didn’t have the time or motivation to keep up with it. I enjoyed doing it for the couple of people that tried to test me, and I’d love to see how much further I can take it.

So, here’s the deal. You, meaning anyone and everyone, sends me a picture. Whether it be art or photography, your own or just something you’ve stumbled across, send it to me. From there, I will write a short story based from this image. Whatever comes to my mind when I see this picture, I will write it down. This could be about a character I’ve seen in this image, the situation surrounding it, the feel of the environment, so on and so forth. Challenge me and let my creativity flow.

After I have written said excerpt, I will post it in a blog. Unless asked not to, I will credit whom the submitted picture came from, and then have the accompanying story with said picture.


1: Obviously, I don’t want your nudes. Keep your genitalia to yourself.

2: This should go with all things nude. Try to keep submissions somewhat NSFW.

3: Don’t steal someone else’s work and then proceed to claim it as your own. If you are submitting stolen artwork, that’s fine. If you know the artist, please also give me their name so I know who to credit. If not, I always state if an artist is unknown.

4: Don’t try to tell me what scenario you want me to do with your portrait submission. This a creative writing exercise for me to basically improv what I see in said images. I will write what I see, not what you want.

5: Please understand I work a full time job, on top of being a mother of 3 (including an infant). I will try to post the story within 24 hours of receiving the submission, but if I get multiples in one day, or I have a rough day, I may not get to it right away. As much as writing is my hobby, it is currently in the backseat until I can make a career of it. Please be patient if your submission is not automatically reposted.

This is meant to be a fun exercise. It’s also meant to get my creative juices flowing and help me grow as a writer. Join me for some fun!

E-mail me some submissions. Multiple pictures from one person are allowed.

~ Amber


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