Picture It: Live Free

To understand the purpose to this post, please check my post here about the challenge.

Submitted by Glenn Huggins. Photographer unknown.

Kenna loved escaping from the confines of the castle to stand at the shores of the lake. There was something so soothing about it, that she made a point to try and get there every day. It was in the way that the trees shaded the worst of the sun from burning her pale, white skin, and the way that the water reflected a perfect picture of everything is saw was incredibly beautiful to her. The guards panicked every time she came down here, but she didn’t care. It was the only time she ever felt at peace.

Peace. Yes, that was why she enjoyed coming to the lake so much. There were no maids waiting on her every single whim, no clothing designers following her with rulers and dressing her up like a doll, and no over-protective father trying to ensure the same thing didn’t happen to her that had happened to her mother. No, for the first time she had found a place where it was just her. She could be who she wanted to be and feel how she wanted to feel.

A smirk slid across her thin lips, and she took in a deep breath in her small, petite nose. The freckles that lined her face all seemed to scrunch in with the rest of her face as she took in that breath of fresh air. The top half of her long, dark red hair was braided over the rest that waved out behind her, giving it a gorgeous shine in the sunlight as the gentle breeze flew through it. Then, when her honey-brown eyes opened to observe her quiet surroundings, she felt more at home than she ever did in that stuffy castle.

Yes, Kenna was a beautiful, young 17 year old girl. But a princess had to be beautiful, otherwise she would be nothing but a disappointment. That’s how her father made her feel every time he praised to her how lucky he had been to have such a pretty daughter. She sighed at the thought of it, truly believing if she had been ugly, he probably would have disowned her. He was already distraught with her lack of interest in politics and wanting to rule the small kingdom they lived in as it was.

The truth was, she had zero interest in becoming queen, either of her own country or of the country of the prince her father wanted to marry her off to. No, she wanted to be free like the wind to do whatever it was she pleased. She had always heard stories of the gypsies, and was desperately envious of them. They were free to do whatever they wanted, traveling the world and seeing all manners of life and people. She dreamed of running away and joining the gypsies. It would be harder for them to find her if she was constantly traveling, after all.

Her eyes widened as she saw movement on the other side of the lake. A young boy, no older than she, appeared from the bushes and leaned down to the edge of the lake to splash his face. Kenna took in his appearance with interest, and what she could see of him had her enthralled.

His brown hair was messy and all over the place, reaching below his ears, and his clothes showed signs of wear and tear. The shoes on his feet appeared to be worn out, but there was a presence to him that said he didn’t care what he looked like. He looked happy, and he looked free.

He glanced up and stopped when he saw her, his murky brown eyes blinking in slight surprise. Kenna let out the breath she hadn’t realized she was holding and gave him a small smile. The boy gave her a beaming smile back, one that lit up his incredibly handsome face and her heart fluttered in her chest.

“Princess Kenna!” came a shout from behind her and she groaned as she looked back to see two guards coming for her. Sighing heavily, she turned back to see the boy one last time, but he had already gone. It was almost as if he had broken her heart, and she looked down at the water that covered her feet and soaked the bottom of her yellow dress.

“Okay, I’m coming,” she grumbled in a defeated voice and turned to walk out of the lake. She was stopped by a hand being held out for her, one not covered in armor like those of her guards.

“Good, I’m glad you accepted before I even had the chance to ask,” said an unfamiliar male voice. She found herself staring into the dark eyes of the boy, a wide smile still planted on his face. She looked over his shoulder to see the guards. They appeared like they were still running towards her, but were frozen in place. With wide eyes, she looked from them to him.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“It’s time to go on an adventure, Princess Kenna,” the boy said breathlessly. “Take my hand, it’s time to go.”

Kenna couldn’t help but smile, and placed her hand in his without a second thought.

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