My Prolonged Absence and Nearing It’s End

Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve been able to write anything blog related. I started off strong with my blogging and attempts at building my social media, but life took a turn and this had to be put on hold. A journey is not without it’s struggles, after all.

I’ve finally gone down to part time at my job as of last week, but I had a build up of freelance article assignments I had to complete. With how clingy and fussy Little Son has been all week, it has proven to be a much bigger chore than I expected it to be. I am finally down to 5 articles and 2 revisions, when the other day I had about 30 to do. Needless to say, in between the days I do work, the baby, my older girls and their activities, and the freelance articles, there’s just been no time for blogging.

As I settle into my new schedule, however, I fully intend on returning to this project. I’ve even been thinking a little more on how to properly use it. I want to be able to help people as I work through my own struggles. Help them with their own journeys by realizing they are not alone when they feel stressed, overworked, and completely by themselves that they are not alone. I want other new moms struggling with postpartum depression and sometimes feel like they want to die to know they are not alone in feeling this way, despite the fact it should be the happiest time of their life. I want to help people realize they are not alone in their struggles and that they have support.

They have my support.

So, please stand by. I am hoping by the beginning of this next week that I can return to working on my life as a writer and an influencer. Until then, I send my love and boundless energy to all, especially those who need it.

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