Little Son: The Blossoming

As of December 29, Little Son turned half a year old, giving us 6 full months of excelled happiness at his presence in our lives. At the start of January, he was still mostly helpless, just learning to flip from back and stomach, and was working on trying to hold himself up on his front arms. It is amazing to think this, and it honestly makes it feel like more than a month has gone by already in this year of 2020. However, a full month has not even been completed.

From being a helpless baby that could barely sit up on his own to standing at least once on his own when grabbing onto a ledge at his level, January has been milestone after milestone. Perhaps it is something common for boys, I do not know, but my girls both did their milestones with a decent amount of time apart from each. Neither reached the majority of them within less than 31 days!

He rolls over with such ease now, that it’s impossible to keep him still (seriously, diaper changes are a chore anymore). He’s begun those rollie pollie movements in his crib as he sleeps, making you often wonder “How in the Hell is that comfortable?”. Sitting up from a laying position is now a mastered art, but did not come before he learned to get himself into the crawling position and rocking himself back and forth.

In order to sit up, he gets up on his hands and knees, then curls his legs underneath him to sit up. I have yet to see him actually pull himself up off his back unless already at an angle (but this does not mean he has not done it). With the crawling position soon came the movements of the inch worm. Getting up onto his knees and then lunging himself forward in efforts to grab something across the room that he wasn’t allowed to have, and sometimes a toy instead.

The walker we got him for Christmas now sees movement as he has finally realized he can do more than just sit/stand in the thing. When he moves those chubby little legs, the thing actually moves in the direction he goes to! Now, when he’s in that walker, it’s up to the dog and the cat to stay out of his range because you can be sure that’s what he’s chasing after.

For the past week, whenever he’s been playing amongst his toys upon the floor, when he tries to move from one object to the other, he often is seen trying to stand unto his feet. He hasn’t come close to mastering how to do so yet, but the fact that he is even trying is something quite spectacular to fathom and watch, especially by us being his parents.

The newest milestone to have been reached was when a package came in, and he found that he could get up against it. He leaned against it, and according to my husband, he pulled himself into a standing position on his own. This does not surprise me as I have seen him do it whenever I give him my hands and he uses them to stand himself up. He’s even done it when I place his hands on the side of the pack and play that he sleeps in. But this was the first time he’d done it completely unattended and without any means of help.

We have quickly realized that all of our possessions are now in danger. The tiniest shred of paper on the floor that no one else sees is a prize for his little eyes that miss absolutely nothing. He finds the weak spots in the borders we place up to keep him within our watch, and pummels at them until he can escape at just the right moment whenever we look away for just a second. In the event his sisters come home and break down a border, he makes a beeline for the chance at freedom while a discussion occurs about how the day was between those who can talk.

It is entertaining to watch and I love every second of it, but a part of me wishes he would just slow down. As the last child, I would like to enjoy the baby for just a while longer before converting to toddler. Sadly, he seems to have other plans. I should have known, he never did much enjoy being a baby, always acting like he wanted to grow up and play with his big sisters. Before too long, he’ll master the words he’s been trying to say (he’s said mama twice now before trying to make it to me, but hasn’t done it consistently enough to be official).

The milestones are coming and they are coming fast. I have a blooming toddler, and it will be soon that he’ll be causing mayhem and leaving terror in his wake. Any whom are interested in watching these steps as they happen, please feel free to follow Stigmatic Hearts on Facebook as I make updates frequently along with pictures!

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