A Rant About CoVid-19: The Public’s Reactions

So, for the most part, I have been keeping to myself exactly what I think about the CoVid-19 pandemic that is sweeping the world. As an opinionated individual that does not take well to people being offended by an opinion that differs from their own, I do this on a lot of subjects. It’s simple: most people aren’t going to like what I think and have to say. But this is a subject that I cannot just stay quiet about any longer.

Where I work, the panic levels have actually been pretty low, which I’ll admit, it is quite concerning the lack of concern is being shown by our customers. For my readers who are unaware, my part-time day job is working Saturday-Monday at a convenience store. The amount of people that come through there on a daily basis consists of hundreds, and the typical time a person spends in the store is anywhere from 1-5 minutes. In that time, they are grabbing at merchandise and putting others back, touching surfaces, and interacting with other people. The perfect place for such a virus to run rampant.

We are doing our best to keep the place clean and sanitized, but we are only human and there are only three people max working at a time. We can’t always be out there wiping down counters and product. This would not be a problem if people were taking things seriously… but they are not.

There are the people who think they are hilarious, coughing all over everything, whether real or fake, and then laughing and saying “Don’t worry, I got the Corona.” There is a way to joke about this whole situation, and that is not the correct way to do it. People are legit terrified because they can either actually die from this, or because they live with others who can. Everyone only wants to think about themselves and their immediate vicinity, they don’t think about those who are incapable of leaving their houses even when the world isn’t going to shit.

Beaches in Florida are still open for Spring Break and packed full. If you are one of these people with this attitude, then you are part of the problem.

Then you have the people that just don’t believe this is a real thing that’s out there killing thousands. That, or they just don’t care. I watched an old man openly sneeze all over our fountain machines earlier this week. This isn’t an okay thing to do to start with, even without all of this madness taking place. There is a known thing to do, such as cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, for a damn reason. Even if you don’t have CoVid-19, that might be another illness you could be passing on to somebody else. The amount of people seen a day that do not cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing… it’s quite honestly horrendous.

Now, this is the side of the spectrum that I see on a daily basis at my work. My husband, on the other hand, works at a retail bulk-based grocery store (I’ll let you take a guess at which). He is seeing the complete opposite of what I am: the panic. Shelves completely wiped of toilet paper, paper towels, bleach, lysol, diaper wipes (something we legit are running low on and can’t get thanks to this), diapers, formula, canned goods, etc. etc. People buying way more than it is necessary to block themselves inside for, at most, a month.

Worried as he was that this would mean we would be unable to procure our usual foodstuffs on Friday when we went weekly shopping, this meant we went shopping on Wednesday instead. The fact that there are so many people out there panic-buying, it meant that we had to think for our 5-person family and do a little bit of panic-buying of our own. Two tubs of formula instead of just one. Cans of vegetables and boxes of noodles that far surpass what we normally get. Enough food to last for up to three weeks, most of it we will just ignore for emergencies… just to ensure that my family will be fed in the midst of an economic meltdown where no food is available.

This is the reality of the situation that we are facing. The reality is that if people do not calm down and think, they are going to push us into a recession. Not the virus… not the president… but the people who are freaking the Hell out and acting like this is an apocalypse.

Now this is the part where I’m going to start grinding some gears: CoVid-19 is not that dangerous. The recovery rate is much higher than the death rate, and most people who have had it describe it as a mild flu with moderate pneumonia symptoms. It is not worth destroying our entire economy over! The seasonal flu has killed way more than what this illness has.

Am I saying it should not be taken seriously? Not at all! It should be taken seriously, but all that requires is taking some precautionary measures and respecting our fellow man! Wash your hands, keep your distance, stay home if you have to, and for God’s sake, STOP OVERBUYING IMPORTANT ITEMS! Don’t visit anyone with compromised immune systems or may be too old to fight it if they catch it. Just because you are not displaying symptoms does not mean that you are a carrier. So be smart and protect your loved ones!

And let’s talk about another thing while we’re on the subject, stop being so offended if people are sharing memes and/or joking about the virus. Most of the time, those of us who are doing such are more serious about the reality of the situation than you realize. Everyone copes differently, and there are some of us that cope by having a good laugh. It makes us feel more at ease and takes away the anxiety. Just because we poke fun doesn’t mean we are taking light of the situation and believing any lives are not worth it.

I personally have people near and dear to my heart that I am terrified for. This does not stop me from sharing memes or laughing at jokes I see or hear. The kind of person I aim to be is someone that could catch this virus, go through it, possibly come close to dying from it, and then find myself jumping back into the jokes about it once I’m able to. There’s no fun in life if you’re that serious all the time.

So, my good readers. Stay safe, stop panicking, and wash your hands. Stay at home if you’re feeling under the weather, or have been around anyone else who hasn’t been feeling well. Buy what you need and leave some for others that can buy what they need. Relax, and band together… it will be the only way we’ll all make it out of this without murdering each other over toilet paper.

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