To My Beautiful Daughter On Her 10th Birthday

My dearest Lily Iris:

Where has the time gone?! How is this possible, I don’t quite understand what is happening here? I swear it was just yesterday that the doctor was putting you in my arms for the first time… A small infant so beautiful and angry that you didn’t stop crying once when we were all gushing in amazement at your existence. And now here you are, a gorgeous young lady with a heart of gold.

I don’t know where I went right to have been gifted with the opportunity to be your mother. You are a shining beacon of everything that is good and kind in this world, showing me something that I haven’t witnessed since I was your age: pure innocence. I have loved watching you just continue to display warmth and kindness wherever you go. You know no enemies, and there is no hate in your heart… You have shown me that it is possible to find a reason to smile every day.

After all, since you were born on this very day 10 years ago, I have had a reason to smile every day. You are my reason… You and your sister and brother.

I know I’ve never told you this, but you saved my life in so many ways. I’m not quite sure you will ever understand it, and to be quite honest, I hope you never do. I hope you never experience what it’s like to be faced with inner darkness, and that you continue to see the light in every single thing that you do. Because that is what you have been teaching me to do for the past 10 years. There is always a positive side to everything, and even when I cannot see it myself, you are there to point it out for me. And I am forever grateful to have someone with this ability in my life.

I have watched you grow from that tiny, angry infant into the beautiful young lady that you are today. Words can never express just how proud I am of you. You make me proud every day in every single thing that you do. It swells me with pride and emotion every time I hear it from whoever, be it your teachers or your friends’ parents: “she is such a sweet girl, she is so nice!”. I’m not quite sure where you get it from, but I am glad that you are a much bigger person than I could ever be.

You amaze me, my darling child, and I cannot wait to see the fantastic things you will achieve as life goes on. I have zero doubt that you will do so many great things that I can not even begin to imagine what it could be. But I know that one day you are going wow the world, and your kindness and warmth will be there to guide more than one life out of the darkness. Just as you did me.

I love you, Lily Iris, more than you will ever know. Happy 10th birthday, and welcome to the double digits. I would give you the world if I could, but I think you will find the way to reach out and take it yourself.

Love always,


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