Back to the Stream Life!

So, I haven’t been active in… well over a year. I won’t apologize for it, life got in the way and there wasn’t really much I could do to prevent how out of control everything seemed. I had been blogging during the duration of initial Covid shutdowns, but in the end, it ended up getting to me. Being stuck at home with three kids day in and day out, not working for the first time in 10 years (and still yet, the longest I’ve been out of work since I started working when I was 16), and my son going from infant to toddler in the clingiest stage.

At the start of the fall, my daughters returned to in-person school, and all went pretty well, all things considering. Our school district had good rules in place and though covid-19 was present here and there, there were no school shutdowns like we had originally thought. My family did end up with Covid in December, but it was actually my husband who brought it home from work. And thankfully, it was all right before Christmas break, so there was no big ordeal that came from that.

Ever since then, it’s been working on getting our lives to some form of normalcy. I’ve realized that I can’t really go back to work, not until my son is a little bit older and possibly even starting school. We can’t afford daycare, and I don’t trust them as it is. I’ve tried applying for jobs that I can do on my own time, like Uber Eats and Instacart, but my car accident in January of 2020 completely screwed my driving record and I get denied for all of them. Thus, we are currently relying on my husband’s pay to get us through.

Things have been doing decent, and I’m thankful for it. My son just turned 2 and my girls are at home for summer break. This gives me a chance to get everything set up to get my online presence back and maybe work at getting my writing back on track as well. I’ve started streaming again and have been as active on social media as I can as a gaming mother of 3. And now, I’d like to toss in my blog to the mix.

My idea is to blog at least twice a week, and the topics, as always, are going to vary. Whatever is going on is what people are going to hear about. I enjoy bringing people along on this journey that is life along with me. If you’re interested in learning more about the things I am doing with my streaming and online presence, here is the rundown.

I schedule myself to stream three days a week, Tuesday and Wednesday 10am-2pm EST, playing FFXIV. Then Sunday nights from 9pm-12am playing either FFXIV or Fortnite with my husband.

I have 3 Twitters, each one based on the different aspects of the things I do. @StigmaticHearts for my writing, @MaliSeroquin for my FFXIV, and @LifeofFNCoward for Fortnite. This way, it’s easier to keep track of what is going on with each.

Facebook and Instagram pages were recently revamped and I am working on making them active again just like I am this blog. They will each be a mix of everything that I am doing.

And then I currently have one YouTube channel for the little videos I make for Fortnite in my adventures of playing the game differently than most. Those familiar with the game know it’s a third-person shooter where you use building as a tool to aid in victories. I’m not very good at building, neither is my husband, so we play more… cowardly. And we win in unique ways that you don’t really see anywhere else.

A FFXIV channel is in the works, but we are still deciding on what content we will be doing with it, so it may be some time until that happens.

There are very big plans coming in my, and my family’s future, and those will also be written about in this blog. And in my next blog, I will go through my experiences with Covid-19 and the side effects that I still find myself to be dealing with. Until next time, please feel free to follow me on Twitch, or any of my social media sites!

With love,

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