Experiences With Covid-19

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I had mentioned in my previous blog about how I had Covid-19 back in the middle of December. In this particular blog, I’m going to go over exactly what that was like and the side effects that I am still dealing with nearly seven months later.

All five members of my house, including the kids, caught Covid-19 when my husband brought it home from work. He knew one of his co-workers had taken leave for it, and sure enough, a week or so later, his symptoms began. It seemed to him like it was just a normal cold… until he lost his sense of taste, and then his sense of smell the next day.

Around that time, I also began displaying symptoms as well as our toddler coughing a bit here and there. Our daughter also displayed a fever, causing me to keep her home from school and that’s when I made her and my husband go get tested. 100% a positive case.

My anxiety made all of this worse than what it really was. I’m very overweight and I have sleep apnea, so that puts me in the “at risk” list, so I was terrified to fall asleep every night. But in all of reality, I was blessed with how mild of a case I had.

As long as I suppressed my cough, I was able to avoid coughing fits, and really, I just felt, like my husband said, like it was a bad cold. Maybe with me, it was borderline flu (I have never actually had the flu to say otherwise). I would spend my days just watching TV or playing games, but every 3-4 days, my body went into shut down mode and I would just sleep for 24+ hours almost straight.

That is my body’s natural defense to illness: I get sick and my body wants to shut down. I sleep off my sicknesses because I just cannot stay awake, and I think that really helped with my covid not being nearly as bad as it could have been. I. Was. Blessed.

However, the strangest part about this illness came when I was finally starting to get over the symptoms and the cough. I began to itch like mad. And when I say itch, I mean, I was sitting there tearing bits of my skin off without a care because I could not survive unless I worked to satisfy this itch.

When I began to scratch, a rash would appear and then it would, in turn, begin to spread all over my body the more that I would scratch at it. It was by far the strangest and worst of all symptoms I had when dealing with Covid-19… I would have happily traded in the itch/rash for the cough that I was just getting over.

This rash lasted for nearly two weeks on it’s own. Everything else was gone, but the rash persisted for quite some time. The only way I could push through the first few days was by doping myself on extra-strength Benadryl. I drugged myself and made myself sleep through it, just in order to save my skin from being ripped from my body.

Now, you would think that after seven months, my life should be back to normal, right? Wrong. I’m a stay-at-home mom right now, and I had a few rough patches, but it was even worse for my husband who works to bring home the bread. We both struggled with energy and even being able to breath after any form of prolonged activity. We just… simply could not get going and do what we were doing before.

After about 4-5 months, we had finally gotten past that part. Then, my husband noticed something incredibly strange: he began to smell/taste strange things with random foods that prevented him from wanting to eat said food. He has been saying he’s had this problem for about two months now.

Then about 3 weeks ago, I began to notice the same kind of thing. But what it happens to with me isn’t random: it happens mainly with chicken and eggs. For example: today, I put chicken in the crockpot to cook all day, and the entire day, that disgusting smell has filled my nostrils.

I try to not let it affect me and force myself to eat through it, but there are times that it makes me feel as if I have to vomit. It’s a smell that is incredibly hard to describe, but one woman we read a news story on had mentioned something like sulfur… and that might be one of the closest descriptions I can give. Not exactly sulfur, but something similar to it or even mixed with it.

We had a batch of colds go through the house in the beginning of June, and it seemed to amplify everything once again. I have had a dry cough on and off ever since then, and I’ll feel winded if out walking too much. My husband seems to be fine on that end, but that cold hit me much harder than anyone else. I fear that covid may have weakened my immune system.

In the meantime, I continue to monitor things that happen and how our bodies feel with certain things. There are numerous studies saying that it impacts mental health, but I already had many mental health problems. But, I can say that my anxiety has majorly increased since that time. It’s only in the recent weeks that I have been able to attempt in speaking to anyone outside of my own house.

It has been a rough journey, but we are trying to move on, as we always have. If you have had any strange and on-going symptoms from Covid, or even the vaccine, please comment and let me know!

Until next time, much love.


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