Shards of Prophecy

I do not own this image or quote, nor do I know who to credit.

I am an aspiring author, and my life-long dream is to one day be published. I don’t expect to have some ginormous fan base like J.K. Rowling or Tolkein, but I think it would be amazing to have even just one person write me a letter about how my works changed their lives. Just like so many books I read did the same for me as a child. I feel it is something I am destined to one day do, and I feel that I am getting closer and closer to that time.

I have a full series actually written out, and that series is dubbed “The Shards of Prophecy”. I currently have it spread between six books, and I even have a prequel written out. The worst struggle I am finding myself in on getting this stuff published is editing. I can edit someone else’s works incredibly easily, but when it comes to editing my own work, I struggle with it. And I can’t currently afford to have someone else edit it for me, so here I am at a cross roads.

The point of this page will be to mark my struggles to succeeding in getting this series one day published, and the journey to that point. Then, this website will continue to work as my official website at that point. So, to look at it this way, this is the precursor to my journey. I am starting the blog to help my resume, reach out to those that may be witnessing my same struggles to know they are not alone, and to have this already built up for when the time comes.

I will not post a synopsis just yet on this series, as I will save that for my first blog post in that section. It is a fantasy series, leaning a little more adult than young adult as there are some darker aspects to the plot, and I suspect that it could easily be met with some controversy. I’m not quite sure what I can relate it to as it’s a hodgepodge of different categories it could fit into.

I will post the prologue in a blog as soon as I get it fully edited, and that is when everyone can make their final judgments on if it is worthy or not. I look forward to sharing this journey with everyone.