The Mission

I admittedly jumped into this gig without much of an explanation of who I am, and just what it is I am trying to accomplish. There have been a few that have been faithfully following each post (and to each of you, I am eternally grateful, thank you so much!), but even they don’t really know my mission.

Who Is Stigmatic Hearts?

Stigmatic Hearts is not just myself, but it is my family. A combination of words that both my husband and I use frequently for screen names, Stigmatic Hearts is our combined forces for our internet presence. There are five of us, but on this website, you’ll only hear from me. However, you’ll often hear about everyone in this family from me.

Stigmatic Hearts is:

  • Amber Witchey (myself)
  • Robert Huggins (Husband & Father to all 3 children)
  • Soft Daughter (Lily)
  • Wild Child (Alice)
  • Little Son (Jax)

The Mission

In the end, Stigmatic Hearts is much more than this blog that is currently running the show. Stigmatic Hearts will eventually turn into a business, once we have the means to do so. Our merchandise plans are to sell custom t-shirts (our target will be memes and sarcasm since that is what we thrive well in), stickers, decals, custom-painted shoes (my husband is a brilliant artist), and other bits of crafts that we find we specialize in.

Stigmatic Hearts will also be the combination of other things. Stigmatic Hearts will eventually be the company by which my writing career will be based out of. It’s hard for me to get going right now with a full-time day job and an infant to care for, but I am working to polish up my first works that I plan to publish by summer of next year. Through my blogging, books, and freelance writing, Stigmatic Hearts will be the name I generally use.

Stigmatic Hearts will be my husband’s own works, which is he slowly working on getting started himself. An artist himself, he is working through ideas for a comic strip that I am sure the world will one day love. The creative mind that he is, he is also planning on making videos, but the idea behind that is currently unknown. Just know that one day, we’ll be making quirky and hilarious videos that you’ll all be sure to enjoy.

With everything new and nothing set in stone, Stigmatic Hearts will constantly be changing until we get everything moving and set in motion to where we want it to be. To those of you already along for the journey, and those new to us, welcome. We appreciate the time you’ve given us, and I hope you stick around with us. Please see the Media Mania pages and follow me on our Social Media platforms. The Discord channel is also open for all to join if that is something you are interested in.