Tribe’s Adventures

Tribe’s Adventures follows my Final Fantasy XIV character, Malignancy Seroquin, and the travels of her friends. Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG owned and ran by Square Enix, and I take no credit for their content. The following is a small introduction of Malignancy and her free company. All Tribe’s Adventures are written from her perspective.

Malignancy Seroquin – Leader of Malignant Tribe

Greetings, my name is Malignancy Seroquin. I live in the great world that is known as Eorzea, and I am an adventurer. I spend my days traveling the world to see it’s wonders, and I often find myself in a position of helping others. It’s not that I mind, but there are times when I would much rather tell these bastards to go and do it themselves. But they do pay me, and it’s how I make my living. They also seem to like me more for it. I’ve delivered more messages than I ever thought I would, and despite slamming the mail into the recipients hands, the look of pure joy on their face about getting the message kind of makes it worth it. Kind of.

I’ve learned how to do many things since I’ve begun my travels many years ago. I can wield many weapons, lead my parties through dangerous areas and doing my best to keep the enemies eyes on me. I can attack with different methods ranging from weapons to magic. I am an excellent shot between my bows, guns, and chakrams, but my specialty lies within my healing powers. Strange, someone like me who mostly keeps to herself, preferring to listen and detesting to be in large crowds, is perfectly content with this line of work. But I find it satisfying to keep my party alive and pushing my abilities to be something better than great – to be the best. I will not rest until my name is known throughout the eons of history as one of the best healers ever known.

As I stated, I prefer to keep to myself. But there is a small brigade of folks that I have come to known as “friends”, and I enjoy their company greatly. Preferring to live in the darkness myself, so too do they. Most others would look down on me and my friends, but we do not let them bother us. Years and years ago, we came together and within the town of Limsa Lominsa, I made us an official Free Company. We run together under the name of Malignant Tribe, with a crest of a lone wolf howling at the moon. A wolf to signify our perfect Tribe, where we will do what we can to help each other, and that we work together best as a team. Tribe is small, but Tribe will kick your arse.

My co-leader and best of companions also happens to be my husband. Zadist Seroquin, a fellow Xaela like myself, and one whom I have known almost all my life. We were very young when I realized he was my sun, and I his moon, and we have been inseparable for many moons. If there was any one person on this world I could say I actually loved, it would be him. He accepts me as I am with all the darkness in my heart, and I accept him in the same manner. Any who have tried to tear us apart has been destroyed. We will fight to the end to stay together, and no tribe leader can change that. They tried before, and now they rest in the nether realm.

Join me in my adventures, new comer. I may not easily accept most people, but I am always open to finding out who is worthy to follow in my steps. Fight by my side, listen to my stories, and travel with me. Tribe accepts all who have been cast aside by others. We know what it feels like to be abandoned. We will not abandon those in need.